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Dated: 15/05/2018

World Environment Day 5th June

World Environment Day is held on 5th June. Each year a theme is organised to focus on important environmental concerns. This year the host country is India and for 2018 the theme is about beating plastic pollution.

Take action to #BeatPlasticPollution.   If you can't reuse it, refuse it.

This theme urges people to consider the use of plastic and to either reuse or choose another option that reduces the impact plastic has on our environment.

Single-use plastic water bottles, helium balloons and light-weight plastic bags are regularly found in waterways, washed up on beaches and in the ocean and have been known to contribute to the death of sea birds and marine life.

Did you know that a major sporting event can generate up to 750,000 plastic bottles? Quite astounding!

An example of what can be done at a sporting event was shown at the Commonwealth Games held at Australia's Gold Coast in April. The organisers were determined to protect the area, its surrounding waterways and of course the ocean. Therefore spectators were encouraged to bring their own refillable transparent bottles and use the water stations on site. Helium balloons were banned from the Games.

A simple option to start with is to take reusable shopping bags with you when you go to the shop this will assist in the reduction of plastic bags.

Another easy option is to fill a reusable drink bottle with water from home and take it with you rather than purchase a plastic bottle of water when you are out and about. You might find it may also save you a dollar or two.

Every little bit helps so remember these few words.

If you can't reuse it, refuse it

By remembering every day as World Environment Day it will make a difference in protecting and improving our world in which we live.

Click here for more information about World Environment Day: 


Dated: 15/05/2018

Winter Planting

Seasonal planting of herbs and vegetables suited to grow in Melbourne


Dated: 15/05/2018

National Tree Day 29th July 2018

Get involved in National Tree Day and join in on the fun of getting back to nature and help to conserve our wonderful environment

There are many sites hosting a planting day that would love to have you and your family/friends attend.

To find a planting site that is close to you or in an area where you would love to visit, go to the National Tree Day website ( and click on the blue icon "Find an event".  Be sure to check the dates as planting days can be during the lead up time to National Tree Day 29th July, 2018.

Dated: 08/06/2017

RED NOSE DAY - Friday 29th June, 2018

SIDS and stillbirth affect 3,200 Australian families every year you would agree it is a shocking statistic.  Red Nose aims to have "a future where no child dies suddenly and unexpectedly during pregnancy, infancy or in childhood".

Red Nose invests in research relating to SIDS and stillbirth, provide new parents with educational kits and hold counselling sessions for those who have been affected by such a sad and unexpected situation.

If you would like further information about Red Nose Day or to find out how to help make a difference visit website:



Dated: 29/05/2017

World Environment Day - Connecting People to Nature

World Environment Day will be held on 5th June.  Each year a theme is organised to focus on important environmental concerns.  For 2017 the theme is "Connecting People to Nature".  This theme urges people to get out and into nature, to appreciate our beautiful world, think of how we depend on our enviornment and how we form such an intengral part of it.

World Environment Day offers us a special day to think of some fun and exciting ways to experience our great outdoors and to treasure just how lucky we truly are.

By remembering every day as World Enviornment Day it will make a difference in protecting and improving our world in which we live.

Click here for more information about World Environment Day

Check out the photo below and see if you are able to see something quite amazing....just an example of something you might find when out connecting with nature.

Dated: 04/05/2017

Autumn Planting

Seasonal planting of vegetables and herbs suited to grow in Melbourne.

Dated: 27/04/2017

Lilydale Instant Turf visit

TEAM Trainees visited Lilydale Instant Turf to learn about turf establishment and maintenance from the experts.  Everybody enjoyed the day and even went home with a show bag.  A huge thanks to Steve Cole at Lilydale Instant Turf for all of his time and hospitality.

Click on link below to view turf harvesting demonstration


Dated: 17/09/2016


On 29th August, 2016, CEO Anne-Marie announced the new name Training Employment Accommodation Mentoring Inc. (TEAM Inc.) for our 25 year old organisation which is dedicated to assisting people with disability.

Anne Marie mentioned that our new name more accurately encapsulates the way we currently endeavour to assist people with disability. To coincide with the announcement of our new name we have new graphics displayed on our bus.

As well as ensuring our organisation prepares to meet the opportunities presented by the NDIS, we would like to let old friends, as well as new, know what services TEAM Inc. provide.

team bus

Dated: 15/09/2016