Certificate III in Horticulture AHC30716

Certificate III in Horticulture AHC30716 is a flexible part-time two-year course, however the duration may depend on the student's support requirements.

TEAM delivers to many cohorts inclusive  School Based Apprenticeships (SBAT):

Certificate III in Horticulture is delivered to a variety of students and trainees of all abilities. It is also available to school students through a School Based Apprenticeship and Traineeship (SBAT) program. The SBAT program allows students to complete part-time employment and training while completing VCE or VCAL.

You can confirm our Scope of Registration for accredited training at Training.gov.au or via the Victorian Skills Gateway. TEAM Inc. holds a Victorian Government Contract for government subsidised training.

Listing of Units included in this Certificate

Most of the units are elective and some are mandatory units. For full details see: https://training.gov.au/Training/Details/AHC30716

TEAM Inc. offers the following:


Fee-for-service training includes full certificates and individual units.

These are available for students whom TEAM Inc. have identified as ineligible for government subsidised training.

Please contact TEAM Inc. Administration for further details.

Government subsidised training

TEAM Inc. is able to offer government subsidised training to eligible students under the Department of Education and Childhood Development (Skills First).

For further information regarding eligibility refer to


Statement of Fees - 2023


Student Tuition Fees

Amount per
nominal hour
(Government Funded)
$1.11 per hour
Non Concession
(Government Funded)
$5.37 per hour
Government Contribution
(Funded programs)
Subsidy $7.50 per hour  |  General Concession $3.06
Fee For Service
$12.87 per hour

Note: As fees vary for units studied the table below outlines the minimum and maximum fees you could expect to pay for your certificate. Fees are not inclusive of additional annual fees.


Nominal Hours
Minimum - Maximum
969 hours - 1,020 hours
(based on amount
per nominal hour)
(Government Funded)
$1,276.50 - $1,343.10
Non Concession
(Government Funded)
$3,836.40 - $6,727.60
Government Contribution
(Funded programs)


Subsidy & General Concession $11,569.00  - $12,826.00


Non Concession

Subsidy $8,050.00 - $8,470.00

Fee For Service
$8,666.40 - $18,337.60


Additional Annual Fees
Payable at enrolment and Non-refundable
Materials & Administration $350.00

Student Tuition Fees

Student tuition fees are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment. Eligibility for the Victorian Training Guarantee (VTG) will be assessed by a member of our friendly Administration team prior to enrolment. Government subsidised training is delivered only for students who qualify for VTG. Full tuition fees will apply to ineligible students.

TEAM provides students with various options to pay for their Student Tuition Fees. These options are discussed with students prior to enrolment.

Victorian Training Guarantee Eligibility

To be eligible for a government subsidised training place you must be an Australian citizen, a permanent resident (holder of a permanent visa), or a New Zealand citizen, and are any of the following:

  • May be under the age of 20,
  • If over the age of 20, must be undertaking a higher level of qualification than your existing qualification.
  • Students who are eligible for a government subsidy under the Victorian Training Guarantee are eligible to enrol in and commence a maximum of two government subsidised courses in the same calendar year.

If you are enrolled at a secondary school, you will not be able to receive a government-subsidised training place through the Victorian Training Guarantee, unless you are undertaking the certificate as part of a School-Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship. The Government supports schools in other ways to offer vocational training to their students, so you should discuss all your options with your school.

Further information can be found in the following link:


Concession Rates

To be eligible for the concession rate you must be eligible for a government subsidised training place. At commencement of training, you must also hold a current and valid:

  • Commonwealth Health Care Card;
  • Pensioner Concession Card; or
  • Veteran's Gold Card

Fee for Service

Fee for service rates apply to those applicants who do not meet the Victorian Training Guarantee eligibility requirements.

What fees do Indigenous students pay

Under the Indigenous Completions Initiative, Indigenous students eligible for the Victorian Training Guarantee currently pay a concession tuition fee for all levels.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Fees are charged on a Fee for Service basis only. For further information on Government Subsidised RPL please refer to:


TEAM Inc. will advise students prior to applying for RPL of their options.

Refunds Policy

Students must provide TEAM Inc. with written notification of their withdrawal from training.

Currently TEAM Enterprises do not receive fees paid in advance. However students are issued with an invoice for the entire cost of the unit prior to the commencement of training. 

However where a student pays 25% of their fees for the training year, the Account Manager shall ensure that TEAM Enterprises does not accept payments of more than $1000 from each individual student on the first day of training and that any further payments does not at any given time exceed $1,500.

Students who withdraw from training up to 4 weeks after their commencement date and have paid in excess of $1,000.00 will receive a refund being the difference between $1,000.00 and the amount paid.

Students who withdraw from training after 4 weeks from their commencement date are not eligible for a refund.

When a certificate is cancelled by TEAM Inc. prior to commencement all fees paid will be automatically refunded, unless the student chooses to transfer to other training delivered by TEAM Inc.

If the student chooses to transfer to other training delivered by TEAM Inc. the refund value will then contribute towards the cost of the new training which includes the Material and Administration Fee.

Material and Administration costs are non-refundable.

Duration of Certificate

A certificate can take up to a minimum of two years to complete, however we recognise that not all students work at the same pace and therefore give students the opportunity to complete their certificate in the duration of their training contract.


Theory and practical training is undertaken at Ilma Lever Gardens and in the workplace. The trainee's workplace will vary according to customer needs.

Mode of Delivery

Training is typically delivered in suitable on-the-job environments however, training will be organised/ formatted around a combination of approaches including:

Off-the-job training program
On-the-job training program
A combination of the above

Reasonable Adjustment

Reasonable adjustment will be provided for the students with a disability or learning difficulty according to the nature of the disability or difficulty. Reasonable adjustments are made to ensure that the student is not presented with artificial barriers to demonstrating achievement in the program of study. Reasonable adjustments may include the use of adaptive technology, educational support and alternative methods of assessment such as oral assessment.

Additional support during the assessment process may be provided, for example mentoring and tutoring, the provision of particular equipment, changes to the physical environment, provision of support persons for physical disability or additional time. These provisions will also be made to facilitate the student to conduct role play scenarios for assessment in particular units.

Student Handbook

A copy of the Student Handbook is available upon request.

Job Seeker requirements

If the enrolling student is a Job Seeker and has a current and valid concession card, the job seeker is to be invoiced in the same manner as all other students.