Training Information and policies

Unique Student Identifier (USI)

From 1st January, 2015 it is a requirement under Commonwealth legislation for all students undertaking nationally recognised Vocational Education and Training (VET) to have a valid Unique Student Identifier (USI).

A USI is a reference number made up of a combination of 10 letters and numbers that will be allocated to the individual student only and will stay with that student for life. The USI will allow an individual's training records to be linked and make it easier for the student to find, verify and organise their training history into a single record. It will also help build a national system for the storage of training information.

The USI is available online and is at no cost to the student.

For further information please visit:

Victorian Student Number

The Victorian Government has legislated and implemented a Victorian Student Number (VSN) for students in Victoria.

The VSN is a student identification number that has been assigned by the Department of Education and Training (DET) to all students in government and non-government schools, and to students below the age of 25 undertaking Vocational Education and Training with a TAFE, Registered Training Organisation or Adult and Community Education (ACE) provider (referred to collectively as VET Providers).

The VSN is nine digits long, randomly assigned, and tied to identifying information about the student (name, gender, date of birth).

The VSN provides the capacity to gather:

  • Accurate knowledge of student movement and retention rates
  • Patterns of student premature departure

This information plays an important role in planning future investment in education and training. For further information please visit

Complaints and Dispute Resolution Process

Complaints Policy Statement

A complaint procedure is designed to protect member's rights and the resolution of disputes.

Complaints and Dispute Resolution Process

The parties should attempt to resolve the issue amongst themselves.

If unresolved:

  • The issue should be discussed with the relevant Manager, or Trainer. (A friend or a family member may advocate on a person's behalf)

If still unresolved:

  • The issue should be referred in writing to RTO Manager if appropriate.
  • The RTO Manager shall assist if required.
  • A meeting with the RTO Manager shall be organised forthwith to discuss the issue.
  • The RTO Manager shall attempt to resolve the issue.
  • To this end he/she shall seek pertinent information from all relevant parties.
  • By this stage, each person should have an advocate who is independent of TEAM Inc.
  • A party shall be assisted to access a relevant advocate if necessary.
  • All parties who have been involved shall be notified in writing of the final decision(s), which may include recommendations for action.

If still unresolved:

  • Either or both parties should refer the matter to the TEAM Inc. CEO who shall use their best endeavours to resolve the matter.
  • Should the parties still not agree then the CEO shall refer the matter to the President.
  • The President shall organise a  Committee consisting of:
    • One member of the Executive of the Committee
    • One other member of the Committee
    • A Manager of another Service
  • The Committee shall meet within 7 working days of the receipt of the written notification to attempt to resolve the issue. To this end the Committee shall seek pertinent information from all relevant parties.
  • The Committee shall inform all parties of the final decision, which may include recommendations for action.

Still unresolved

  • One or both parties may choose to take the matter to an appropriate external body.
  • Should this occur then the decision of the external body shall be binding on all parties.
  • In addition, at all times employees and applicants for service shall have their attention drawn to the dispute settlement procedures and the rights to mediation outlined in the TEAM Inc. Rules of the Association.
  • If you have concerns relating to your training contract, the VRQA can provide advice and if necessary investigate disputes or complaints. Contact the VQRA on 1300 722 603 from 10.00am to 4.30pm, MOnday to Friday or by email at
  • Parents or guardians can call on behalf of apprentices and trainess under 18 years.

Training Assessment Complaints

An assessment appeals process exists to handle RTO assessment Complaints.

Assessment disputes

A student who is discontent with an assessment, and wishes to appeal, can do so by submitting a written request to the appropriate trainer, course coordinator or RTO Manager.

The reassessment shall initially be completed by the original assessor within two weeks (during term) of receipt of the written request.

If the original assessor is not available within this time frame or the student wishes to appeal the reassessment, another appropriately qualified assessor will undertake the reassessment.

If a student wishes to appeal further, the student can apply to an assessment appeals panel.

The assessment appeals panel will be made up of:

  • RTO Manager
  • Original Assessor
  • At least one other qualified assessor

If after the assessment panel has made a ruling on the assessment, the student still wishes to appeal the decision further, an external mediation service will be used. Students also have the option to contact the Victorian Registration & Qualification Authority for assitance and support if they wish to do so.

For more information please contact TEAM Inc. on 1300 514 827 or via email